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Welcome To CloudMatix

CloudMatix offers the CX IoT Platform, a complete package that enables you to easily and quickly link your IoT enabled devices to various enterprise software solutions to support the full product lifecycle. CX IoT Platform eliminates the need to invest in creating your own in-house IoT systems and capabilities.

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Use
    • Customer web portal & mobile apps
    • Notifications, social identity & advanced IoT services
  • use
    • Simplify consumer experience during device activation
    • P2P communication via Nabto
  • support
    • In app chat, ticketing system and call center integration.
  • sell
    • End user tracking in CRM
    • Social identity for proactive marketing
  • Monetize
    • Recurrent user billing
    • Additional services & payment options.
  • Manufacture
    • Secure manufacturing Process
    • Device traceability in ERP
  • Maintain
    • Device health check
    • Software and security updates

CX Platform Highlights

CloudMatix CX IoT Platform is provided as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Enabling you to pick-and-choose the features you need and get all the tools to support, operate and leverage your IoT portfolio. The CX IoT Platforms provides:

IoT Web/Mobile Application Environment

Large Scale Device Deployments

Product Lifecycle Management

Business integration

End to End Security (Genuine Device Proof, Hacker Protection)

Quick integration process

With CloudMatix CX IoT Platform, connecting new products across the cloud is now easier than ever, while you keep focusing on the innovation of your product.

A complete package that links IoT clouds with enterprise software solutions.

Client Testimonial

  • Mr. Mike Jones
    Cloudmatix has been a great extension to our team providing us with in-depth knowledge and expertise that we didn't have internally. Their professionalism, timely approach to solving issues, availability at short notice has enabled us to build up a partnership that can only go from strength to strength.
    09:23PM - August 25, 2017