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Enabling Connected Devices



– Multi-Tennant PaaS solution
– Abstract device models and multi product support
– Data integration from IoT Connected device clouds, such as Amazon AWS IOT, Arrayent, Evrything and others.
– Mobile Application infrastructure (SDK) to support rapid branded mobile Application development, including in-app notifications
– Business operations Integration with systems such as ERP, CRM, Support, Billing Systems, and other online systems
– REST API’s towards other OEM integrations
– Advanced IoT service integration with IFTTT , Amazon Echo, and others.


– Product Lifecycle Management support
– No need to invest time and efforts in creating your own in-house IoT systems and capabilities.
– Quick integration process
– Modular architecture to answer your current and future needs
– IoT Web/Mobile Application Environment
– Large Scale Device Deployments
– End to End Security (Genuine Device Proof, Hacker Protection)



The integration of CloudMatix CX IoT Platform with your connected device is a three-stage process, and while the time frame for the integration varies and depends on the complexity of your device and needs, it is typically a matter of weeks.

Initially out team will assess your requirements, and learn the unique features of your device: properties, actions, events. The team will feed CX Platform with this information to prepare it to manage your device. Complicated devices may require the development of a dedicated application. Cloudmatix may offer its Professional Services team or you may develop the application yourself as CX IoT Platform offers a REST API to let external applications use its services.

Then, our system will introduce your device to the desired cloud system. When this step is completed the CX Platform is actually ready to manage your devices. A new device will be automatically added to the list of managed devices once it starts communicating with the cloud and properly authenticated by CX Platform.

The last stage would be to integrate CX Platform with your or your customers’ enterprise software systems, such as ERP, CRM, billing, helpdesk and other systems. You can also request CX Platform to allow social media access, such as Facebook login and to interact with home assistant systems like Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Google home.

Throughout the process, you will be able to use our API to do the integration on your own, or alternatively engage our Professional Services team to perform it for you.



We deployed CX, a platform that encompasses a comprehensive set of IoT tools, with a focus on device lifecycle management, third-party connectivity and business integration.  By using CX functionalities, we were able to optimize key elements of advanced smart-lighting solutions. Please download the use case study on the link below.


CX provided an integrated solution that ensured fast, reliable device activation and connectivity. The client can provision, activate, deploy cloud integration for IoT devices by using a single, integrated, scalable tool that covers current and future management requirements. Please download the use case study on the link below


By leveraging Cloudmatix features, we supported the client in streamlining thermostat management and in integrating with external popular third-party application servers and home assistants. The modular design of CX Platform guarantees that more interfaces can be easily added to satisfy future needs. Please download the use case study on the link below.